IBM PC hacking

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Tue Sep 27 13:26:01 CDT 2005

> Tony Duell wrote:
> > Yes it does. AFAIK all IBM PC, PC/XT, PortablePC (which is the same 
> > mainboard as the PC/XT) and PC/AT machines have ROM BASIC. I am typing 
> > this on a much hacked 8MHz IBM PC/AT, and it has BASIC in ROM.
> IIRC, a PS/2 model 25 and 30 also have BASIC in ROM.  And a PCjr most certainly 
> does (along with a full diagnostic program and "keyboard tutorial" -- the diags 
> were impressive for the time).
> -- 
> Jim Leonard (trixter at          

Add this to this list of basic in ROM.

L40SX, an 386sx mono LCD semi-notebook.

Cheers, Wizard 

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