Some interesting boards by another seller on Ebay (sanyo, godbout, etc)

jim stephens jwstephens at
Wed Sep 28 20:01:32 CDT 2005

I would not bother with ebay and have all have to search, but i found
boards by several vendors that should be of interest to people on this list.
The list of boards looks like one of us died, and all our boards went to
this guy.

    Sanyo ICON Smile Host Interface Board (Used)
     Sanyo ICON PCP/16 16 Port Serial Board (Used)
     Sanyo ICON MDCP/3 Interface Board (Used)
    Sanyo ICON CPU / RISC Board w/ 24MB RAM (Used)
    Sanyo ICON MPS020-2 MultiBus Adapter w/ Systech Card

Konan MFM drive / controller / cables, no software

Lots of Godbout boards (counted maybe 5, before I quit)

Lots of Atari Stuff (Curt, you interested in older stuff, 400 / 800, etc).

INtel Above board.  this is interesting if anyone here is running Intel ICE.
the support software would not run unless you also had an above board,
not an EMS board of generic type, in your 286 or 386 system.

3b2, though I recall someone giving one of those away recently

The vendor name is repc_auctions.  If this was discussed here and I 
missed it,
I'm still running days behind in getting all emails of the discussion group.


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