MSX software was Re: IBM PC hacking

Hans Otten h.otten at
Wed Sep 28 12:08:12 CDT 2005

> Speaking of cassette based software and whatnot, in
> the absence of a floppy drive, and my understanding is
> there was one available, not that I'm likely to find
> it anytime soon, what are my options for running (any)
> software for the Yamaha CX5M I just appropriated? It
>does have a cassette port and cartridge port. Are
>images of stuph available anywhere? I suppose I could
>build a generic cartridge and dump images onto an
>eprom or something like that. What about adapting a
>drive from some other z80 based puter?

There are programs to load cassete based programs from the PC soundcard to 
the cassette port of a MSX like your CX5M.
Look for
and for msx cassette files

External floppy drives for MSX are rare. But an external IDE interface is 
easy to construct, lookt at the Beer interface on my webpage and generic 
CX5M hardware information.

Hans. http://www.hansotten,com

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