USB Stuff

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Sep 29 17:07:30 CDT 2005

> > You are seriously suggesting that the fake aquarium is a portable device? 
> > Why would anyone want to carry one around with them?
> I think the fake USB aquarium is designed to be ON only when the computer is
> on, in other words its only on when someone is 'working' at their desk.

There is little correllation between the times my computer is on, and the 
times that I'm at the desk/workbanch. But I guess that's unusual...

> > 
> > As regards a light, I use this simple device containg 4 components. A 
> > couple of AA-size primary cells, a tungsten filament lamp, and a swtich. 
> > Even I can keep one of those going :-).
> > 
> WOW, you really cling to the obsolete technology! Filament Lamps! AA

Well, if it works, I haev no intention of replacing it...

> batteries, and alkaline too no doubt... Its all Lithium power cells and
> Xenon or LED bulbs these days ;) I bet you're still using some version

Do you mean xenon discharge (as in a camera 'electronic flash' or xenon 
filled filaments lamps. Marketroids often (delibarately?) confuse the 
two. I am quite sure the bulbs in my hand torch (flashlight to you) are 
gas-filled, I thought krypton, but maybe xenon.

> of Edisons carbon filament incandescent bulbs in your home too, even though
> compact fluorescents cost less than $2, last 10 - 15 times longer than your
> 60 cent incandescent bulbs, and use 1/4 the electricity (soon to be obsolete,
> though, when the cold cathode bulbs start appearing in higher wattages).

Actually, I use compact fluorescents almost everywhere (I prefer the 
higher apparent colour temperature). There are 2 specific places I don't 
use them -- one is over the lathe (I am worried about a possible 
stroboscopic effect making the machine appear stationary when it's not) 
and the second is in the darkroom (they have a significantly long 
afterglow after being turned off -- several minutes -- which is a right 
pain there).


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