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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Sep 29 18:40:05 CDT 2005

>Actually, I use compact fluorescents almost everywhere (I prefer the 
>higher apparent colour temperature). There are 2 specific places I don't 
>use them -- one is over the lathe (I am worried about a possible 
>stroboscopic effect making the machine appear stationary when it's not) 
>and the second is in the darkroom (they have a significantly long 
>afterglow after being turned off -- several minutes -- which is a right 
>pain there).

Many compact fluorescents use a 30-40Khz AC power source, so stroboscopic effects may not be a problem unless your lathe's chuck rotates at a VERY high speed.   You can also make use of standard bi-pin fluorescent lamps with a fixture that uses an active (high-frequency) ballast. 

For your darkroom, you might want to look into the multiple-white-LED mains-powered spotlights.  Ebay is full of sellers eager to unload them.

I constructed a music stand lamp using three 14" CCFLs (surplus LCD backlight parts).   While not as bright as the 150w halogen lamp it replaces, the quality of illumination is far superior--and I don't worry about burning my sheet music, although some of it might well benefit from such a treatment...


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