DEC Flip Chip book

Joe R. rigdonj at
Fri Sep 30 08:46:58 CDT 2005

At 08:17 PM 9/29/05 -0700, Tom wrote:
>Hi All,
>I realize that this is NOT the proper venue for pursuing this, and I 
>apologize to the list before hand, however
>as this has to do with a persons credibility, and doing business with 
>people on this list, it is definitely on-topic.
>Last March I had a fairly large lot of IBM XT and AT parts from some 
>5150's and clones picked up at an auction.
>I had no use for them but looked for a good home for them.  Several of 
>the items were somewhat rare and maybe even
>semi-valuable, as I received quite a few responses from people on the 
>list that were looking for these same parts!
>I decided to cut down the hassle factor by giving away the stuff to the 
>person who would take the whole kit and caboodle!
>There only cost would be re-reimbursing me for the UPS shipping cost, 
>approximately $30.00. The person who agreed to this,
>received the shipment, and then complained to me about the rough 
>handling by UPS,  then totally reneged on the shipping costs,
>despite several polite reminders. I decided not to pursue this as it is 
>not worth my time and effort.
>I have given away for free, various items using this list and off-list. 
>About 98 percent of the people I have dealt with have no problem
>sending me the money promptly after I have paid the shipping upfront. 
>Unfortunately this person IS NOT one of them.
>Just a word of caution. Credibility on this list is, IMHO, worth more 
>than any Ebay sales effort.

   This is one reason that it's more effective to just sell the stuff on
E-bay. If there's any problems then you can use E-bay's procedures to
handle them. If you sell privately, you're own your own.  I hate to say it
but I've sold stuff to several people on this list that have never paid for
it. I've also held stuff for people on this list that never made
arrangements to pick it. AND I've loaned stuff to people on this list and
never seen it again. If some of you wonder why I haven't replied to your
"I'd like to have this" messages that's why (plus I just get too busy
sometimes). If I have something that I don't want and someone else wants it
and sends me a SERIOUS "I'd like to buy this" message then I'll take it
seriously but all too many of the messages fall into the "I won't mind
having this but I'm not serious about it and you can send it to me for
free" or the "Maybe I'll get around to paying you one day" catagory.


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