Ultima Underworld

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 2 22:40:13 CDT 2006

yeah yeah, it's a game and I don't normally do game posts :-) Does anyone 
happen to have a copy? I was watching the lad playing some 3D adventure game 
on the playstation 2 earlier and it brought back memories of playing Ultima 
back in the early 90's on my old 486 PC and just how darn good that game was. 
Other than the low screen res by modern standards, I reckon it should have 
stood the test of time pretty well.

I've got a copy of the game (actually, I can't remember which of the two 
variants it is) on tape back in the UK, but won't be back there for a few 
months (plus I have no idea if the tape will still be readable)

I've just installed DOSEMU / Freedos under Linux on the laptop that I have 
with me and it's happily playing an Ultima Underworld demo that I found on the 
'net, so there's every chance the proper game would work.

(I don't have sound going yet, but I don't have sound configured under Linux 
itself yet - I *think* DOSEMU's capable of providing soundblaster emulation 
for programs that it runs)


(off to look for more early 90's classics I think :-)

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