Should I track down an M8268 (KK11-A)?

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On Wednesday 29 March 2006 07:38, Wolfe, Julian wrote:
> I was just curious, for those who own them, is the KK11-A cache module
> for the 11/34 worth acquiring?  How much does it boost performance of
> the machine, and in what areas?

Perhaps you missed my previous comments. Here they are again. Sorry to all the 
folks that've already seen them...


Subject: Re: Should I track down an M8268 (KK11-A)?
Date: Wednesday 29 March 2006 09:04
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I've done extensive benchmarks with and without cache and found that cache
 can make significant performance enhancements. Here's a brief summary of my
 findings of cache speed enhancement:

 Large FORTRAN compiles and MACRO, assemblies run on average 44% faster
 and large LINKs run 56% faster.
 Integer benchmarks like HANOI run 57% faster
 Floating point benchmarks like single precision Whetstone run 19.4% faster
 Double precision benchmarks like Whetstone run 16.9% faster.

BTW: I have both FP and cache in my 11/34A (11/34C ;-)

BTW2: I was surprised that cache helped performance as much as it did in my
11/34 considering that I'm using fast MOS (MS11-L) memory - and the cache was
designed as a "kicker" for much slower memory...

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