Installing 3.5" drive in a TRS-80 Model 4P

Steve Phipps kawninja at
Mon Apr 3 21:55:05 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I've got an old Teac 3.5" drive (in 5.25" mount) with jumpers set as Drive 1 that I want to install in my TRS-80 Model 4P. Tried to tackle installing it today, but was unsuccessful. Supposedly the TRS-80 Model 1, 3, and 4 machines will read / write to older 3.5" drives with jumpered drive select. The 4P's drive cable is card edge only, so tried using a PC drive cable hooking up the original 5.25 drive and 3.5 drive using both the cable's end and middle jacks. The 4P wouldn't recognize either drive in any position.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Maybe it's due to the wire twist found on PC floppy cables? I'm about at my wits end trying to find a way to transfer TRS-80 DSK files from PC to 4P.



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