ComputerVision CADDstation 32

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Mon Apr 3 23:40:59 CDT 2006

I've tied into the CV 3000-20 Model 32. Haven't replaced the cap yet, though.
Does anyone know if the Sun machines have the P1&P2 terminator paddleboards with switches at either end of
the VME bus (the swithches sound like some sort of bus grant adjustment from the manual).

The magtapes have a dull surface to them. Does anyone know if this is normal, or will something need to be done to stabilize
them before imaging?

 I have pictures of the boards, but no place to put them. Several people have expressed interest in seeing them.
I can either hitch a ride on someone else's website, or do direct e-mail.
At this point, they are big (~3.5 MB each) JPEGs that you can read chip numbers from, but they could be downsampled.
Have outside front, connector side of the cardcage, and the 3004 CPU, framebuffer, GPU, GPU interface, tablet interface, and
the (SCSI & 2 RS-232) cards.

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