Help ID oddball SCSI controller

Fri Apr 7 13:16:01 CDT 2006

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dgy at writes:

I've got an  oddball SCSI controller card that I would
like help identifying (actually, I  have several *different*
ones but we'll start with this one  :>   )

Card is full length.  PCI.  Appears to be made by IBM
(FRU  76H6875).  Has three AIC-7880's on it connected to
three "internal" wide  SCSI-2 connectors -- and a single
external connector presumably tied to one  of these three
busses.  Onboard PowerPC and what appears to be  a
connector for a flying CF card.  A pair of 10 pin
headers one of  which has a "SERIAL" legend nearby.
A third header labeled JTAG (no doubt for  manufacturing

External connector appears to be LVD or SE  (bummer, I
was hoping to find a HVD in this box of goodies...)

I'll  assume it's a RAID controller.  But, question is
how well (if at all!)  it is supported and whether it
is worth my time or if I should just toss it  in the
box and dig out the next "mystery card"?

Its probably a Serveraid 5,6 or 7 series controller. Somewhere on IBM I  
found a document that listed the capabilities of the controllers over the  years.

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