Storage Works RAID 410 for Alpha Server SWXRA-YJ. Free, pickup only

Bill Dawson whdawson at
Sat Apr 8 14:22:17 CDT 2006

Firstly, this is located in Washington, PA 15301.

All of the 4.29gb hard drives have been removed but the 
caddies are present.  Here's a list of the contents of 
this HSZ70 DEC RAID Subsystem with 2 controllers:

SW300 Door Assy 70-31470-01 Rev A02

Power Module SWXBF-SD, 70-29764-01, quantity 1

Power Module BA35X-HA, 70-29764-01, quantity 6

Dual speed blower BA35X-MD, 70-29761-03, quantity 8

4.29gb "caddy and connector only" SWXD3-SE, 70-31499-02, quantity 15

32mb R/W cache module 54-22910-001 A06, 5022909-01-H01 SMS1

RAID array logic controller SWXRC-04, 70-31457-02 B02

SCSI/DSSI Controller 54-23369-01 with i960 PCMCIA Firmware 
card labeled SWKS HSZ40 B/C MSC PCRM Card V3.1-0 BG-QHD30-50.A01

EMU (Environmental Monitoring Unit) 54-23354-01, 70-31459-01 A05

Wide Ultra Diff. SCSI-3 6 inch cable BN21L-0B

Wide Ultra Diff. SCSI-3 5 meter cable BN21K-05

Wide Ultra Diff. SCSI-3 TRI LINK SCSI-3 connector H885-AA Rev A02

Wide Ultra Diff. SCSI-3 Datamate DM2050-01-68D connector

Only if there is no interest in someone taking this entire unit will 
I consider parting it out for spares to classiccmp list members.  I 
would like to see this box gone ASAP but I can hold onto it a while 
longer if I have a guaranteed pick up date or time frame.

Please address email to swxra-enter suffix here at 


Bill Dawson

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