IBM hercules setup pics

jim stephens jwstephens at
Mon Apr 10 13:04:34 CDT 2006

Richard wrote:

>Didn't they make cards for an IBM PC so you could attach a terminal of
>this style to it?
no, they make cards so that IBM PC's can emulate being this type of 

The chip contained on some of the cards can be use to run one of the 
terminals, in
a limited fashion, but the protocol is not widely available (for the 
wire).  The software
spec of what goes on is out there, and you can get some of what goes on 
on the
wire, but the actual data protocol is not published by IBM. 

I have a product that will capture the interchanges on the wire.  One 
might rig up a
utility to do that with a bit of programming with one of the interface 
cards that are
available, if you were to try to reverse engineer what is on the wire.

This would assume of course you had access to a mainframe communicating with
one of the terminals.


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