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> Richard wrote:
> > 
> > What does it mean when manx lists a manual but there is no link?  Is
> > that just manual data that you've entered from being cross-referenced
> > by other manuals?
> Yes, that's one of three sources, the other two being other 
> bibliographies on the web and lists of manuals owned by me or other 
> classiccmpers who've inventoried their manuals. Manx does contain a 
> "source" field which records the reason the manual is listed, but it 
> isn't public because I wouldn't want people who've supplied information 
> on their collections being pressured to scan stuff.

Presumably manx is something you've coded on your own.

Have you considered creating a community around manx?

For instance, allowing users registered on manx to say:
    i) I have/found this manual and here's the link to the PDF
    ii) I have this manual and would be willing to scan upon request
    iii) I'm looking for this manual, does anyone have it?
    iv) Request a scan of a manual that isn't yet scanned

If your web server has PHP and MySQL, then there are lots of open
source "content management systems" out there that can supply most of
this functionality out of the box.
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