scsi 5" floppies

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Apr 10 17:00:53 CDT 2006

> > There was a thing called a 'Drive 95' (I think from Corvalis Micro 
> > Technologies, but I might have misrememebred that part). It wa a box 
> > contain ing a 3.5" drive and a microntorller board with an RS232 port. 
> > Firmaware on the microntroller made it acts as a kermit server. It was 
> > designed for use with the HP95LX (hence the name), which had kermit in ROM.
> Fascinating! I'd love one of those. *looks at two 95LXes beside him on the
> workbench*

Although I don't have a Drive-95 (I could use one, I've got a couple of 
95s and it also works, I think, with the 48), I don't think they're that 
rare. I've certainly seen them...

Of course you could use just about any computer running kermit to save 
files from your 95s.


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