Sun Type 4 keyboard problem, help needed

jim stephens jwstephens at
Wed Apr 12 15:01:14 CDT 2006

Ram Meenakshisundaram wrote:

>On a somewhat related note, how do you do a L1-A using a raritan SUN KVM
I have a raritan converter that breaks out a 13W3 video, and sun 
keyboard to vga, keyboard,
and mouse.  I hope that is what you are talking about.  There are also 
rose kvm's that are all
sun, and there are cybex boxes with sun XPAC -> sun cables, but with 
keyboard, video, and
mouse that are PS/2 and vga.

Anyway, I have hunted for maybe 4 years on every web site I can find and 
have never found
a way to emit the keycodes to do that, or what way to do it.  I always 
try the monkey imitation
first (I'm good at that) and tried every control, key, function key, 
system function key, alt, shift
you name it, and never got a hint that any of them was doing the "stop" 
type extra function keys.

I worked for a company that had a business relation with raritan and 
obtained these soon
afterward in an independent junk by for my own use.  In the mean time, 
their relation with
raritan soured horribly, so I could not ask any questions like this.  I 
have found that raritan
is into shipping a lot of product (good for them) but don't have a lot 
of people at the level
to answer these questions on older product.  If you need help installing 
your stuff, and it
is current good, help with old, rely in the web site (which I've never 
found these on) or

I have several new in the box with raritan papers.  All that was on the 
paperwork was
raritan support info, (phone numbers), fcc info, etc. and nothing 
indicating usage.

Hope someone has some of these or knows the trick.

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