RL drive lubrication

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Thu Apr 13 06:04:28 CDT 2006

J Blaser wrote:
>I opened each drive up, and did two things to each:  1) With the upper 
>and lower head 'trays' propped apart, I manually exercised the r/w head 
>carriage, moving it back and forth a number of times, and 2) I put a 
>couple of drops of oil on the  top of each motor's shaft, which was 
>easily reached with the service cover off.

I'm curious if anyone has done something similar with an RK05.

Certainly the bearings can be replaced, but can they also be cleaned and
relubricated?  is it safe to pull the entire voice coil assembly apart,
clean the bearings and tracks, relubricate and reassemble?

any suggestions?  thx.


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