ADDS Mentor 2000 - Got it to boot!

Dave Dunfield dave06a at
Fri Apr 14 22:15:52 CDT 2006

Hi Guys,

Got the ADDS mentor 2000 to boot today.
I have two small books which came with the system:

 MENTOR Introduction
 MENTOR Installation Giude M2000/M2500

Fortunately the installation guide has the pinouts for
the serial ports and some basic information about the
startup monitor.

On power-up, on Port#0 I get:

ADDS Mentor Diagnostic Assurance Monitor Release 1.2
Copyright 1984 ...

(The following tests take about 15 MINITES to complete):
EPIC Test passed
RAM test Card 0000 Bank 0001-0003 (several times) Passed
PATSI Test passed
Disk Test Drive 0000 Track 0000-(approx 1300 hex) Passed
Tape Test - Tape drive not ready - Passed
      9 Comm lines
 512k Core

Entering 'X' gets me:

Spooler Started
Linking workspace for process 0

<            Welcome to ADDS Mentor           >
<00:00:12 Release 2.4 Rev(8) 23 SEP 1988>

Time=(enter time here)
Date=(enter date here)
Did you just reload OS from tape? (Entered NO)

ADDS Mentor (mumble) ... Login?

>From the Install Guide I determine that the username
SYSPROG is the "superuser", and the system does
recognize this name and prompts for a password (it
does not prompt for passwords to names it does not
know) - unfortunately I have no idea what the password
might be...

On the inside of the drive cover, I found a handwritten
label with two usernames and passwords - one of them
is either no longer valid, or I can't decypher it (hard to
read writing), however I was able to figure out what the
other one was, and successfully logged in to the system.

Unfortunately this username comes up with a little menu
system offering various business system options, and I
could not figure out how to get to a command shell.
(Entering BREAK locked up the system - 20 mins to

Some questions:

1) Does anyone know of a way to bypass the SYSPROG

2) Is there any way to make the system boot without waiting
    for the power-on tests to complete. I can get to the monitor
    command prompt, and I can run various tests from there,
    but I have not found a way to boot the system other than to
    power-off, power-on and wait for the tests to complete.

   [One good thing I did find in the docs, was the command to
    shutdown/park the drive properly from the monitor - useful
    since I can't get to a command prompt - According to the
    docs I need to be logged in as SYSPROG to SHUTDOWN]

3) Anyone know exactly what type of tapes this machines
    uses (If I take it apart and get the drive model number, this
    might give us a clue). I found a function in the monitor which
    apparently backs up the hard drive to tape ...

4) Anyone know of a way to "break out" of a program launched
    at login to a command shell (the docs says it's called TCL
    for Terminal Command Language).

5) Anyone know what the "F" or "NX" commands do in response
    to OPTIONS [X,F,NX]=
    Do any of these options let me reinit the system, reset the SYSPROG
    password ?

6) If I answer "Yes" to "Did you just reload from tape", what exactly will
    this do?  ... Will it let me re-init the system/reset the SYSPROG
6) Any other info, esp. about the "Diagnostic Assurance Monitor"
    commands etc. Would be most useful... ?


PS: The TRS-80 Model II that I picked up along with it works

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