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at least as of 2003..
maybe he turned up some docs

 From Eddie Thomas (pasnocone at
I’ve been a hobbyist/engineer of PC systems since I can remember. I  
was introduced to computers in 1974. I’ve designed one 8086 system  
for the S-100 during the winter of 81/82 of which never made  
production. At that time I also laid out the concept of CABLE MODEMS  
for mass bi-directional public communications. The idea was too far  
fetched to be seriously taken into production back then. It’s amazing  
how things change … 20 years later!

I enjoyed your documentation on the ALTAIR 8800. I stumbled upon your  
site as I searched for S-100 prototyping boards. Although I currently  
live in PA, I believe I have the original schematics published in  
Popular Electronics (Jan ’75) for the ALTAIR stashed in the attic in  
NJ. I also believe I have most of the Popular Electronics issues  
which addressed the S-100 based systems. I have not found any other  
rags that have this information available. I’d be happy to forward  
the articles if you’d like. I will contact P.E. in regards to  
duplicating this info as to not violate copyright laws. S-100 was  
onto something before Big Blue stomped S-100 like a New York City roach.

Here's a question. I am currently searching for information for the  
ADDS Mentor 2000. It uses the Zilog 8001 segmented processor under  
the PICK OS. I have no background in PICK OS. So far the only  
confirmed operation is the POST. MENTOR 2000 specific manuals would  
be greatly appreciated. PICK OS manuals or souces to gain some tech  
knowledge into the workings would also be appreciated.

Trying some DOS and CP-M style commands yielded this: The machine  
attempts and fails to find a TAPE DRIVE and HARD DRIVE. The tape  
drive interface card is inoperative [installing it stops the POST].  
The original 68 Meg H/D (Hitachi 511-8, ST-502 MFM) was reused years  
ago in a Netware Server. I am looking for hardware manuals  
specifically detailing hardware interface characteristics and/or this  
system's bus. I can engineer a compatible ISA interface for bi- 
directional communications to my Intel 302-25 PC if I can find the  
BUS pinouts. The Zilog 8000 series is similar to the Z80 in timing  
characteristics for BUS I/O operations.

In the event I can finally gain external I/O to this system I've  
located several OS's for the Zilog 8000 family, of which some re- 
writes will be required to gain full system functionality. It's  
apparent the OS is in two EPROMs, of which will be preserved.

It is my intention to engineer an updated I/O card to support Floppy  
disks, IDE hard drives, newer memory products and Ethernet. AT&T  
originally supported the ADDS systems. NCR (AT&T’s sellout company)  
would supply information as would some scarce sources for an  
exuberant price.

ALSO I would like to find information on the WD-1002 HDO hard drive  
controller card (used in the TANDY PC, I believe) Specifically, I  
need cable signaling information so possibly to use an IDE translator  
adaptor. I've found one source but have not heard back from them in  
about 6 weeks.

Here’s a list of what hardware is installed (original):

1: CPU Card  Zilog Z8001  w/socket for 2nd processor (4 layer)
a) ADMIN Serial Port header
b) TWO WD-1002 interface port headers
c) Front Panel Control header

2: 16 RS-232 serial / 1 parallel port (4 layer)
a) Two 50 pin headers (to 2 banks of 8 9-pin serial ports on rear)
b) One parallel port header

3: 256K memory card  Parity Checked (4 layer)
a) 4 banks of 9 4164’s

4: 3 port QIC-02 tape interface (defective) (2 layer, EZ 2 trace/repair)

5: Hitachi 511-8 68 MB H/D w/WD-1002-1 HDO daughter card

6: Archive 60 MB Tape Drive, Full height (defective)

Although the ADDS Mentor BUS is 100 pin, it is quite obvious it is  
NOT S-100 just by examining the power assignments.

I am currently diagnosing the TAPE DRIVE interface card  hopefully  
have it back in operation soon. I have a newer Archive QIC-02 drive  
that should work. It can read/write 60, 120 and 250 MB tapes.

Any information, sites and/or folks wishing to get involved w/my  
resurrection of the ADDS Mentor 2000 are welcome to contact me at:

pasnocone at

Please put ‘Mentor 2000’ in the subject line

Best of luck and congratulations on a great start with the Museum!


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