Altair Floppy Questions

Eric J. Rothfus eric at
Mon Apr 17 09:40:25 CDT 2006

A couple Altair questions:

Question 1 - has anyone seen/created an adapter for the
37-pin d-sub connector for the Altair floppy drive to the
later standard 5.25" floppy interface.  I use the term
"standard" rather loosely, but am refering to the 34-pin
connector used by the TRS-80, Heathkit, and numerous
other machines of the late 70's.  This "standard" with
a couple changes became the PC's 5.25" interface.  It
doesn't look too tough, and I have a basic design in
mind, by why re-invent the wheel if I don't have to?

Question 2 - where can I find some blank hard-sectored
32-sector 8" floppies?


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