How much to charge for classic computer rental

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>> (BTW, before you slam public defenders (as in "30 years and he's still a
>> public defender??"), my father-in-law became a lawyer for the first time
>> at age 59 -- he wanted to change careers before he retired (used to make
>> six figured in office-building real estate management).)
>> -- 
>> Jim Leonard (trixter at  
>There is nothing wrong with being a public defender your whole life, its an
>honorable profession. I have to say the people I find to be clueless in
>court (the times I got stuck doing jury duty) were the prosecutors. Yea I
>know this is offtopic but I must stress that if you have ever gone to court
>you will notice that the jury tends to be anything but your peers and most
>prosecutors seem to be people who cannot pass the test to be a mailman.

   LOL! True!  How many of you watched the bungling prosecutors in the OJ



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