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On Thursday 20 April 2006 10:37 am, Philip Pemberton wrote:
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>           Cameron Kaiser <spectre at floodgap.com> wrote:
> > If you mean the SX-64, yes, I have three of them (and I am looking for a
> > spare keyboard [cable not necessary but appreciated] if anyone has a dud
> > SX-64 and is willing to part it out). They are not amazingly common but
> > they are actually not terribly difficult to find either. However, they
> > have started to command rather disappointingly high prices even for
> > non-mint models.
> Are there any custom ICs in there - custom defined as "not found in a
> garden-variety breadbox Commodore 64"? Hardware-wise, how do the two
> machines compare (besides the obvious "the SX64 has a built in monitor and
> disc drives")?
> I know there's the SID and VIC; I was wondering if the drives were
> implemented as "guts of a 1541 strapped to the chassis" or custom ICs
> integrated onto the mainboard.

One of the ROMs is a different part number,  which gives slightly different 
default screen colors,  but I know that in repairing one the ROM out of a C64 
can also be used.  There are also differences in the drive,  for sure,  but 
it's been long enough since I've been into one that I don't remember what 
those are off the top of my head.  I do have a service manual for those 
around here someplace,  I used to fix them,  along with a lot of other C= 

Anybody looking for any c= parts?  Drop me a note off-list.

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