earliest graphics display system in your collection?

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Thu Apr 20 21:31:30 CDT 2006

A 1968 HP2116 with a HP12555 dual D/A board connected to a
Tektronics 611 storage tube.

But one of my 'best' old graphics systems is a 1969 Imlac PDS-1
'alpha' machine, currently playing 'SNARF' in the corner of my
living room.

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> On 4/18/2006 at 10:45 PM Richard wrote:
>>OK, what's the earliest graphics display system held by any of you
>>"graphics display system" is anything that creates a graphics image
>>with a display: calligraphic, storage tube, plasma, raster, etc.
>>Block character graphics don't count (or I would include my Commodore
>>CBM 8032 and all the stupid terminals :).
> Graphics displays are very old and I suspect that they go back to the very
> early digital computer days in the form of a simple x-y vector display on
> an oscilloscope.  Analog computer use may go back even further.  I suspect
> that as a display technology, rather than as a printing technology,
> graphics displays precede alphanumeric displays by a good long time.
> Certainly pre-war process control systems could drive x-y chart
> recorders--and what's a closed-loop process controller but an analog
> computer?
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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