1965 DEC Logic Trainer

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Fri Apr 21 19:22:50 CDT 2006

wow.. that was what you called "building your own PC"..


Doug Salot wrote:

> I plan to offer this on eBay this weekend, but I thought I'd give the list 
> sort of an auction preview before I do.    If there's anybody in the 
> Seattle area willing to make a serious offer and pick this up from 
> Bainbridge Island, I'd certainly consider offers.
> Date codes are from 1965.  It has several straight-8 era flip chips
> plugged in.  Includes an 18-bit set of indicator lights which aren't clear
> in the photo since they need an attachment screw tightened.  The chassis
> appears to be made by a third-party.
> http://blinkenlights.com/classiccmp/dec/logic/front.jpg
> http://blinkenlights.com/classiccmp/dec/logic/back.jpg

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