troubleshooting Macintosh II no-power situation

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Subject: troubleshooting Macintosh II no-power situation

> Howdy folks;
> I've recently added a Macintosh II, IIx, and IIfx to my collection.
> The IIfx works.
> The II and IIx fail to power-up. Nothing happens when the power
> button is pressed on either machine.
> It's not the power supply, as the PSU from the working IIfx fails to
> power up either the II or IIx.
> It's not the battery either, at least in the case of the II, as I've
> replaced both batteries to no avail.
> Can anybody point out any other likely culprits that I can chase down?
> Thanks!
> ok
> bear

The models listed have 2 PRAM batteries, one of which is used to jump start
the power supply. If both batteries are fully charged try holding the power
on button in the back for a second or so and see if they power up, if not
take everything out and check the motherboard for leaky caps or other

I tend to take all the excess cards, extra RAM, and the HD out of the system
and see if it will boot to floppy when nothing works.

Make sure somebody didn't take out the CPU or something before you got your
hands on it.

If you need more help you can also try and post the question
in the forum.

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