VAX ADVENTURE, was Re: RL02 problem

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Sat Apr 22 09:29:15 CDT 2006

On 4/23/06, Gooijen, Henk <henk.gooijen at> wrote:
> Cool!  Thanks Jim.
> Ethan's and your response have exact the same hh:mm time stamp!
> (at least on my computer).

Straaaaange  ;-)

> For my 11/750 I will need a copy of some OpenVMS version first, because I
> promised to wipe the disks

Hmm... depending on which memory controller you have (likely to be
either the 8MB max or 12MB max), that may affect what version to go
with.  We used to run 5.4 on our 11/750 w/8MB.  I don't think you
should go any newer unless you have 12MB (but others are free to chime

> I posted a request for Zork (PDP-11) on Amazon a year ago, but
> never had any response. So, your link to the VMS version is great!

Long ago, via one of the newsgroups, someone *might* have posted a
link to the RT-11 engine - back in the day, it was really just the
same data file as for the contemporary v3 games, plus an engine
written in MACRO-11 for RT-11.  I remember seeing "Planetfall" for
RT-11 on the wall of the local DEC shop, but since I couldn't afford a
PDP-11 in 1983, there it stayed.  :-(

Quite a rare beast.  If you ever find one, let us know.  In the
meantime, I did port one of the early public domain (open source) v3
zmachines to VMS.  I _might_ have the sources handy, but I'd have to
dig (it's just generic C code with some stuff to handle the status
line, nothing really special).  I ran it on that same 11/750 in its
VMS 4.x days.


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