Cyberentics ASP??

Joe R. rigdonj at
Mon Apr 24 11:21:26 CDT 2006

   I went scrounging this weekend and one of the things that I found was a
Cyberentics ASP. It's a chrome and black rack mount chassis with dual 2GHz
AMD Athlon MP processors, 256 Mb of DDR memory, a DriveOnModule that plugs
into the IDE port and emulates a 32Mb disk drive (has linux installed), TWO
Symbios LVD/SE SCSI cards and two large IBM Ultrim LTO tape drives. No
other drives installed (or even a place to mount them) except the two tape
drives and the Drive On Module. NO video card installed but it has two LCD
displays on the front panel.

  What have I got here?


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