anyone have a terminal server?

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Mon Apr 24 11:36:18 CDT 2006

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> >- Honeywell
> >     VIP 7809
> I think you might find that this speaks some weird protocol, and that 
> it probably expects to be connected to a Honeywell IOP (I/O 
> Processor).  I don't remember the specifics, and don't have my 
> manuals handy (not even sure I have any that cover terminals, as 
> they're mostly for GCOS-8).
> Do you happen to know what type computer it expected to talk to, and 
> do you happen to have a picture of it online anywhere?

I purchased it off ebay and it has a ruggedized military shipping case
and what looks to be standard RS-232 style cabling.  I haven't
attempted to power it on or attach it to anything yet, although the
seller reported it working when powered on.  I just thought the
military shipping crate was too cool to pass up :-).
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