VAX ADVENTURE, was Re: RL02 problem

Kevin Handy kth at
Mon Apr 24 13:03:06 CDT 2006

Richard wrote:

>In article <447524F844B59D48B8F7AE7F560935EE066816B7 at>,
>    "Gooijen, Henk" <henk.gooijen at>  writes:
>>I downloaded DUNGEON, but I mean Zork. Are those two (almost)
>>identical?  I never saw Zork, just read about it in an article.
>>I will check out DUNGEON and ADVENT in RT-11 is a couple of
>>weeks. I will also take the time to read through the updated
>>manual (I know, ... I have it on a stack "todo" things).
>Fuzzy memory says that DUNGEON was more than ADVENT and less than Zork
>in terms of the scope of the game.
Dungeon was the original.

Advent is unrelated to zork, except maybe as inspiration.

Zork (the commercial version) was created by breaking dungeon into
three parts, with additional stuff thrown in to fill out the three
sections, and making an end-point in each. Many locations are identical.

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