anyone have a terminal server?

Richard legalize at
Mon Apr 24 14:44:40 CDT 2006

In article <020b01c667c6$931c5190$6500a8c0 at BILLING>,
    "Jay West" <jwest at>  writes:

> A terminal server probably isn't the best choice then. Not completely, but 
> in general, terminal servers are designed to take an ETHERNET connection to 
> a telnet-capable host and make it available to dumb terminals or vice versa. 
> It doesn't sound like you are trying to so that.

Actually this is *exactly* what I'm trying to do.

> You most likely don't want a terminal server, you want the data pbx that 
> someone else mentioned.

Why do you say that?  I can't tell the difference between a data pbx
and a terminal server at this point.
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