DEC Gigi terminal

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Mon Apr 24 21:24:52 CDT 2006

In article <C072C968.22B0%aek at>,
    Al Kossow <aek at>  writes:

> > As I recall it was connected
> > to the controller board in the VAX via a fibre optic cable.
> That was the VS-100, which is of historical interest because it was
> was what the X Window system was developed on.

Any docs around on that, Al?  I thought the VS-100 was vector based
and not raster based?

> GIGIs are raster termials using the REGIS command set.
> "REGIS graphics GIGI" turns up a few interesting google hits.

I should have looked at manx first... I'm still in the habit of
thinking "if google doesn't find it, it probably doesn't exist", which
I'm finding is a false assumption for lots of cctalk era tech.
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