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Mon Apr 24 22:17:58 CDT 2006

Richard wrote:
> In article <a06200716c07334d433cb@[]>,
>     "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh at>  writes:
>>So how different is a GIGI from something like a VT340+?  I must 
>>confess I lust after a VT340+.  Not that I have room for one :^(  I 
>>don't have any terminals that support REGIS, and really wish I did.
> I found that Manx has gobs of docs for gigi, so you could read the
> Installation and Owner's Manual in PDF format.
> Speaking of serial graphics protocols, does anyone on the list have a
> device that supports NAPLPS ("nap-lips" - North American Presentation
> Layer Protocol Syntax)?  <>
> There is mention of a "Sceptre NAPLPS terminal from AT&T".
At one time you could get a software package to turn your PC
into a NAPLPS display device. Here in Canada you could get
NAPLPS display terminals but they were as slow as hell.
They also stuck to TV output resolution - 256 color 320 x 200.
1200 baud download / 300 baud upload I belive.

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