NAPLPS (was: DEC Gigi terminal)

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> On 4/24/2006 at 10:08 PM Richard wrote:
> OK, I don't know what the "Fortune Systems terminal" is, but being a
> >freak about terminals I want to know!  Do tell?
> >
> >>From what I could find on google it looks like they were satellite
> >workstations for the Fortune 32:16?  That looks like a pretty cool
> >micro for 1982.
> Yeah, the subject of FS came up a few months ago.  I wrote the firmware for
> their B&W terminal, which is where the NAPLPS and Videotex memories come
> from.  FS had decent enough hardware but a very screwy and hostile method
> of deploying software.  It was their undoing.

What was the microprocessor in the terminal?

Do you still have one?  :-)
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