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David Griffith <dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu> wrote:

 > On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Johnny Billquist wrote:
 >>> People have been bouncing ZORK, DUNGEON and Infocom around a while now.
 > IIRC, Zork was released in three parts parts because home computers 
at the
 > time could not handle a game the size of MDL Zork.

True in a way. The game was split up because it was too large. It was 
also reimplemented because MDL didn't exist for home computers, and that 
language in it self required too much resources and in general required 
too much of the computer.
A big breakthrough was when they decided, and managed to pull off the 

You can all read about this at the http://www.csd.uwo.ca/Infocom/ 
website. Lots of articles and interviews with the original implementors.

 >> And ZEMU *should* work on RT-11. I have a suspicion that maybe one or
 >> two routines might be missing. If they are, it will takes us close to
 >> zero time to fix it, if just someone with RT-11 steps up to the plate.
 >> I don't have any RT-11 systems, nor much RT-11 knowledge myself. I can
 >> write some code, but I definitely can't test it.
 > If you can compile straight ANSI C on RT-11, you can use Dumb Frotz 
 > The result won't have screen handling, but it'll run most any Z-machine
 > program out there.  Implementing screen-handling for an RT-11 version of
 > Frotz shouldn't be very hard.

In your dreams. :-)
First of all, I suspect that dumb Frotz still would get into major 
problems with the small address space of a PDP-11. Second, Frotz makes 
some assumptions about file handling that just isn't true on all 
non-Unix systems. And screen handling is a story of it's own.

But people are welcome to try. Heck, I can even offer an RSX machine if 
someone wants to take a shot at it there, with an ANSI C compiler...
It would be interesting to watch, at least. People often just don't 
understand how much Unix-specific stuff is going on in the code.


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