Tektronix PEP301 mystery resolved

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue Apr 25 11:33:08 CDT 2006

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    "Joe R." <rigdonj at cfl.rr.com>  writes:

>    FWIW yes there was a "real" programmer's keyboard that was made for the
> 4041. But try to find one!! I had one, I took me about five years of
> dedicated searching to find it. I'd be willing to bet that no one on the
> list has one. They are SCARCE! A friend of mine is a real Tektronix
> collector and has probably 25 4041s but even he didn't have a keyboard till
> I gave him mine.

Heh heh... I figured as much.  That dev keyboard lookd pretty funky
too!  All kinds of application-specific keys, obviously custom built
for Tektronix and probably the rarest piece of 4041 accoutrements that
you could get.

It looks to me like most people used the serial port with a terminal for
programming.  That's what *I* was planning on doing to play with the 4041.

For my purposes of data interchange, the PEP301 is probably a better
match since it is a PC.  I have ISA NICs for which I could probably
locate drivers so that I could exchange data over the net with it.

>   *The display is hard to read in the picture ut it says "VER. 2.0 MEM-512K
>   ".  That's about the limit of what the display is capable of.

How's your DC100 tape drive in your unit?  I haven't tested mine yet,
but since its NIB I have high hopes.  I definately will need to probe
the rubber capstan wheels :-).
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