anyone have a terminal server?

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Wed Apr 26 12:57:41 CDT 2006

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    M H Stein <dm561 at>  writes:

> And I've got a bunch of Digital Products NC16/250 NetCommanders.
> Similar to Dave's Newbridge units; 16 ports/256K buffer, RJ-45 RS232 
> only (110-19200bd) (on one main board, unlike the Newbridge).
> Cascade for more ports.
> Literature & docs available.

Hi Mike,

So what are you asking for these?

Do you have docs online so that I can take a look at the details?

If each unit supports 16 ports, I think I'd need at least 2 units.

> Also some Datagram StatMuxes, modems, line drivers, converters &c.

I'd also like to hear more details about these.  I don't need modems,
but I'm interested to learn what a "Datagram StatMux" is and I'd like
to hear about what converters you have.

				-- Richard
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