need info on an HP 8-bit scsi card

Chris M chrism3667 at
Wed Apr 26 17:07:00 CDT 2006

dude, my gosh, had no intention of squeezing it into a
W2K box. Was hoping it would function as a hard disk
controller (kinda figured it was proprietary though,
not unlike the scsi cards Iomega supplied for their
ZIP drives). 
 While on the topic of old scsi's, which hard drives
wouldn't be compatible with an 8-bit scsi card?

--- Bruce Lane <kyrrin at> wrote:

> Hi, Chris,
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> On 23-Apr-06 at 21:03 Chris M wrote:
> >has an NCR 53c400 chip, an als245, and not much
> else.
> >4 dip swiches, presumably (hopefully) for setting
> the
> >id. I have plans for this bad boy...
> 	I've seen plenty of these. They're very basic
> cards, designed as a dedicated interface for
> SCSI-based HP scanners. They have no BIOS or
> firmware, and I question if they will work with
> anything outside of the original HP scanner support
> software.
> 	I would, admittedly, be curious to know how a
> Windows 2000 machine reacts to the installation of
> such a card. I believe the 53C400 is supported, but
> I can't recall for certain.
> 	Happy tweaking.
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