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James Rice james.rice at
Thu Apr 27 12:08:16 CDT 2006

That was definitely a typo, it was supposed to be "never had".  Funny

On 4/27/06, Don Y <dgy at> wrote:
> James Rice wrote:
> > The memory shows up on ebay all the time.  Yes, you can use std slot 1
> Search for "VW320"?  Or, is there some special name for the little
> memory modules?

Nope, searching for 320/540 will work.  They both use the same modules.

> > processors with  100mhz bus speed.  A few people have been using
> > Sloket boards with good results to adapt socket 370 flip chips to the
> > 320.  Depending on the motherboard revision, you can run up to 1ghz
> > cpu's.  You need to check on the two VRM modules to see if they are
> > present.  They sell on ebay occasionally too.
> >
> > Setup and installation of  Win NT or Win2k is a bit tricky.  You have
> > to set up a small FAT partition as the first partition to load the ARC
> > loader into.  The Sgi320, does not have a BIOS but has a real Unix box
> > style PROM monitor.  To spoof Windows into loading and booting, you
> > load the ARC loader and then Windows boots within a Window of the ARC
> > loader.  All necessary files are available on Sgi's website.  If you
> > are going to load Win2k, you also need to select a special Sgi320 HAL
> > at first boot of the installation disk.  When the Windows installer
> > prompts you to "Press F6 to select a disk controller" press F5
> > instead.  Then select the SgiMP HAL.  Once you have it running, it
> I managed to get most of W2K installed on it last night.
> Along with the SGI video and audio tools to take advantage
> of those capabilities (motherboard and some weird little
> digital audio card??).

Good, you've made progress.

> I tried stuffing a 29160 in it (it appears the PCI is 3.3V only?)
> but the box wouldn't get past the 29160's BIOS.  So, I pulled it
> and will see if I can find another HA -- or, tinker with the
> 29160 later on.

I think that the Adaptec card for the 320/540 had special firmware.

> Will I have any luck trying to find a disk cage for it?  Or,
> should I just have something fabricated?  (I'd prefer not to
> start drilling holes in things just to hack a disk into it)

You might want to go on and ask around there.  It's a Sgi
hobbyesy site.  you may be already on there, but if not, ask there.

> > makes a remarkable fast and stable Windows box.  It's probably the
> > only Windows box that I have ever had a BSOD on.
> Is that a typo?  "I have EVER" or "I have NEVER"?
> --don

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