"proto" Alpha? - Anyone know what this thing is?

Adrian Graham witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 16:41:33 CDT 2006

On 27/4/06 22:07, "Doc Shipley" <doc at mdrconsult.com> wrote:

> Witchy wrote:
>>> From what I remember the LX164 was supposed to be a screamin' NT
>> workstation for CAD style apps.
>>> From the OpenVMS FAQ:
>> "                 OpenVMS Alpha is not supported on the AlphaPC 164LX and
>>                    164SX series, though there are folks that have gotten
>>                    certain of the LX series to load SRM and bootstrap
>>                    OpenVMS. (The Aspen Durango II variant, specifically.)
>>                    One problem has been generally reported: ATA (IDE)
>>                    bootstraps will fail; SCSI storage and a SCSI CD-ROM
>>                    device is required."
>    Well, be that as it may, I've installed and run VMS v7.2 on my 164LX.
>   You need recent SMS, supported SCSI (or a QLogic 1040) and a supported
> video card.
>    I've never run NT on mine.  Linux does pretty well; NetBSD and
> FreeBSD run better.

Similarly VMS isn't supported on the Multia but it works. Talking about IDE
reminds me I'm picking up a DS10 and AlphaServer 800 tomorrow; I had to be
re-educated on the Alphas recently (hoops HP require us to jump through at
work) and I'd forgotten that the DS10 was designed to be an IDE system from
the ground up. Seems odd that every single DS10 I worked on back in the day
and every single DS10 that comes through our workshop now has a KZPBA SCSI
adapter in the 32-bit slot and SCSI drives.....IDE only does the CD.

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