Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Sun Apr 30 04:40:47 CDT 2006

"Zane H. Healy" <healyzh at aracnet.com> wrote:

 >>>   Hi Zane,
 >>>here is the updated zipped RL02 disk container.
 >>>It has Zemu 1.10 just released by Johnny.
 >>>I changed the hex fields into octal fields ...
 >>>You might first try the earlier sent zip, and then
 >>>this new one, to see a possible difference.
 >>>If you want a zip file with the original Zemu 1.10
 >>>release from Johnny (without my hex->octal adjustment)
 >>>just ask, and I'll zip it for you.
 >OK, here are my quick and dirty results from RT-11 5.7...
 >?LINK-W-Undefined globals:
 >I've added these to the end of ZRT.MAC with the other three undefined 
 >The resulting file runs on both 5.7 and 5.4, but I can't figure out
 >where my infocom data files are (which probably says something about
 >how badly I need to backup my PDP-11).  It's to late at night now to
 >be booting the PDP-11 up to get them.  (Henk, I'll email you the
 >binary tonight.)

Whoops! I totally forgot some stuff, I see...
Oh well, that's what happens when things wander out of sync.

Get a new copy, will you. One file was missing: ZPIC.MAC, which 

I've also written a $SAVVR and .SAVR1, which I've put in ZRTLIB.MAC, 
which you'll need.

INTVER is a constant, which is just the interpreter version which should 
be set. Place it as a global constant in ZRT.MAC.
In RSX, it's currently 103 "C", which probably should be the same in 
RT11. So, just place a

INTVER == 103

Finally, GAMINI. You can just let that one do a return.
And maybe then we're in business?


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