LNW Research computer

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Sun Apr 30 12:22:23 CDT 2006

Paul Slysh wrote:

>Dear Sir
>I have an LNW 80, 

the LNW80 was a garage operation of three buddies, one of which I wored 

Gene Lu was working at Microdata in 78 or 79 when their company cloned the
TRS80.  There was some quesiton about whether copyright extended to cover
electronic expressions of information such as proms, and so at the time the
Apple 2 was cloned in Taiwan, the "Pineapple" and these guys went out
and did the TRS80.

They were both shutdown by the courts, but did a lot of business beforehand.

I don't recall when they ceased operations.

Gene Lu was the founder of Advanced Logic Research, which is now part
of Gateway, ususally associated with the server products that Gateway
sells, though remotely now.  It was dismantled when Gateway had a
consolidation of operations and moved ALR from Irvine, and now exists
primarily in name only.


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