Not classic, but free: HP-UX

Steve Robertson steerex at
Wed Aug 2 11:26:07 CDT 2006


If you haven't found 10.20 for 800's yet, let me know. I'm sure I have an extra set *somewhere.

See ya,

From: 	Scott Quinn
Sent: 	Friday, July 28, 2006 3:03 PM
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Subject: 	Re: Not classic, but free: HP-UX

They don't skimp, either - I was expecting HP-UX 11i base, but they send out the
Mission Critical OE.

I've got it going for a trial install in the G70. It's clicking along just fine so far.
I think when I'm done I'll investigate HP-UX 10.20 for 800s (if I can find it), perhaps
a bit faster on the old hardware. Other option would be the base 11i. For now, I'm throwing
the kitchen sink at it to see what happens (other than running out of disk space - 4GB (binary) isn't
quite enough for everything...

Question for the HP 9000/800 people - what is the eqivalent of the VAX "break to console" function (either
terminal-break or panel halt+halt)? (or the Sun L1-A) on these old beasts?
It takes quite a long time to bring up the PDC console from power-on.

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