Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 16:51:25 CDT 2006

> I'm just curious; I picked up a PDP 11/05 last weekend, but instead of the
> processor cards laying on their sides, these were standing up. This resulted in
> a configuration with two other plastic covers (one about 1" high below the
> standard 11/05 front panel, and the other about 7" above the front panel.) Is
> this a standard or optional chassis for the 11/05? I also picked up the dual

There was a standard configuration for the 11/05 in the BA11-K 10.5" high 
mounting box. It sounds like this is what you have. The main differences 
are a totally different backplane, more space for expanison (obviously), 
a different PSU obviously) and that the console terminal cable plugs into 
a little dual-height board that plugs into the CPU backplane.


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