Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 16:55:51 CDT 2006

> Sounds like you are describing the 11/05 10"  system unit. 
> It's a standard chassis. 11/05S IIRC

I was under the impression that 11/05S refered to the later version of 
the CPU board set (which could end up in any mounting box). The main 
differences to the user being a couple of jumpers, one to disable the 
console port (allowing you to use a normal DL11 card for this), the other 
to diaable the bus arbitration, allowing the machine to be a slave 
processor on the Unibus of another machine (!)

> It has a 1 rack unit panel below the front panel. 
> And a 3 rack unit panel above the front panel.
> It has the power supplies along the right side (if you're facing the front 
> panel)

Odd. The 5.25" box is like that, but the 10.5" one I saw had the PSUs 
across the back. It was the same box (BA11-K) as is normally used for the 


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