vintage HP-87 system with additional equipment

david page daspage at
Wed Aug 2 20:06:24 CDT 2006

  I got your email off of your website and I was hoping that you could help me
  The company I work for here in the great northern state of Maine decided to clean out the server room one day and was going to throw away a great piece of computing history
so I rescued and took it home
I had done some research and I know there is some demand for this type of computer among collectors
. is there a website to find out possible market value and maybe a buyer? This is what I had acquired:
  Hewlett Packard- HP-87
  HP82909A-128k Memory Module
  HP82929A-Programmable ROM Module
  HP82936A-ROM Drawer w/ six (6) “ROM chips”(?)
  1. Plotter ROM-Rev. A   
  2. I/O ROM- Rev. A
  3. Advanced Programming ROM 1- Rev. B
  4. Advanced Programming ROM 2- Rev. B
  5. Electronic Disc ROM- Rev. A
  6. Assembler ROM- Rev. A
  HP82939A-Serial Interface
  HP9121-Dual 3-1/4” Floppy Drive
  HP82905B-Printer (Dot Matrix, I believe)
  Ten (10) Floppy Disks, (to be named later if needed)
  Pocket Guide Instructions...
  File folder w/ original invoice for parts of the system and misc. paperwork..
  The HP-87 works well, I plugged it in and was able to type commands, nothing too complicated
.i didn’t test the floppy drive or the printer yet
I need another power cord
which I can dig up
system is clean, though slightly (very slightly) discolored from age

  Please let me know if you have any resources for me to follow up on
I have considered posting it on Ebay, but I would like to get more info on it before i do anything
in the meantime, I will check it out and see what it can do!
  Thanks for your time and effort,
  D. Page
  Bath, Maine
  daspage at

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