Not classic, but free: HP-UX (and the B2000)

Steven N. Hirsch shirsch at
Thu Aug 3 06:37:05 CDT 2006

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, Scott Quinn wrote:

> > Oh yuck.  I re-read the service manual carefully and it sort of implies 
> >that the unit has an EVC video connector.  I've never seen one, so would 
> >someone who has tell me if it's about the same size as an HD15F?  The 
> >picture is a little fuzzy, but it sure _looks_ like an HD15.
> No, EVC looks like a stretched DVI. 9000/B2000 is FXe, which outputs on a VGA-type
> HD-15. You're lucky.

I jumped the gun and ordered an EVC --> HD15F adapter from HP anyway.  
It's enough out-of-the-ordinary to be worth having on hand and the 20-odd 
bucks won't kill me.

> >Same deal as the SGI, then.  Not a big problem, I'm used to gcc/g++!
> Nope, better: the development tools install and operate. Just consider yourself
> duty-bound to become a HP 9000 developer and promote the platform if you use them, 
> and everything should be O.K.

Wow, great!  I sure wish HP would make the Alpha C/C++ compilers available 
gratis.  Maybe this is the start of a trend.


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