Alpha C compilers (WAS Not classic, but free: HP-UX (and the B2000)

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu Aug 3 10:40:51 CDT 2006

> I jumped the gun and ordered an EVC --> HD15F adapter from HP anyway.  
>It's enough out-of-the-ordinary to be worth having on hand and the 20-odd 
>bucks won't kill me.

Good to have on hand. If you use it, just remember not to screw it in (on either end) if the system will likely be moved.
The construction is quite fragile, and resoldering the connectors is very unpleasant. Best to have one end or the other
slip off harmlessly.

>Wow, great!  I sure wish HP would make the Alpha C/C++ compilers available 
>gratis.  Maybe this is the start of a trend.

Not sure what you mean here: Compaq C/C++ for AlphaLinux is free already, and Alpha C/C++ for Tru64 and OpenVMS are
both included in the relevant hobbyist programs. IBM xlC/xlC++ and SGI MIPSpro would be very nice (although Apple's contributions
to GCC for POWER/PowerPC have made it infinitely better). I saw on USENET a blurb about "repurposing" the included MIPSpro kernel compiler
as a general-purpose C compiler with the addition of a few symlinks, and the word on the street is that MIPSpro 7.4 could, ahem, possibly be
used for a few times while one is trying to locate the regrettably misplaced license code, with only a nag screen coming up.

I'm trying to get into the dev program, though. We'll see what happens.

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