HP3000/922 attempts at booting...a little further now!

Bob Brown bbrown at harpercollege.edu
Fri Aug 4 21:03:05 CDT 2006

Wow!  That helped a LOT!  I can now get booted, the OS loads and I 
get to a login prompt.  Any pointers on
how to proceed at this point?  (to get logged on, find out more about 
how the system is configured etc)?

(I have no info on usernames/passwords on this system).



>  >> The system appears to have 2 internal HPIB disks and 2 external 
>HPIB disks (in a separate rack). There are 2 HPIB boards in the 
>chassis and 3 HPIB ports at the bottom
>of the CPU (below the I/O chassis)...thus I have a potential of 5 
>places to connect the external HPIB drives to...I'm not sure where 
>to plug 'em in.
>>>  The system has a default primary boot path of and a 
>>>secondary of
>>>  The external drives have ID's of 2 and 4.
>Hey Bob,
>I don't own a 922, but I do have several 832s. I think they are 
>fundimentally the same.
>The BOOT PATH "4.1.0.*.*.*.*" indicates that the system is loooking 
>for a device with address "0" attached to the I/O card "4.1". The 
>PATH "4.1.3.*.*.*.*" indicates that the system is looking for 
>adevice with address "3" attached to the I/O card "4.1".
>NOTE: The extra 0's are used to access additional disk partitions or 
>parameters. Generally they do not need to be specified. The BOOT 
>PATH could be abbreviated to "4.1.0".
>Since the external devices are addressed as "4" and "2", they were 
>not used as the PRIMARY or ALTERNATE boot devices. At this point, I 
>would leave them unconnected. Once you get the system working, you 
>can go back and attach the devices to see what is on the disks.
>OK... The 3 HPIB connectors below the I/O cage are the connections 
>to the internal HPIB devices. The system supports up to 4 internal 
>drives in two chains. So, one HPIB connector goes to each of the two 
>chains and the other connector goes to the internal TAPE DRIVE.
>The ID plate by the connectors should tell you which connector goes 
>to each chain. You are looking for the chain labeled "0" and "3". At 
>this point, I wouldn't worry about the TAPE drive. Get the disks 
>working first.
>NOTE: When the system boots, the LEDS on the front panel will tell 
>you how many internal disks there are. If your system has two 
>drives, one of the internal chains has no devices attached. That's 
>probably the case.
>The two cards in the I/O card cage are the HPIB I/O cards. I don't 
>think there was a "standard" installation so, the BOOT disks could 
>have been attached to either I/O card. I would connect a HPIB cable 
>from one of the I/O cards to one of the connectors below the cage 
>and see if it boots.
>NOTE: HPIB devices are generally "noisy" when thay are accessed. 
>When the computer is talking to a HPIB disk, it's no secret.
>NOTE: Don't change the addresses of the HPIB drives and don't move 
>the HPIB I/O card in the cage. The OS will not boot if the PATH has 
>changed. When the OS trys to mount the drives, it will fail because 
>the PATHS are no longer legit.
>Let me know if this helps.
>See ya, SteveRob

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