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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Aug 5 13:08:29 CDT 2006

 Don Y wrote:

> I replaced this with another aging machine - a PIII running at 500Mhz,
> which only uses 100Watts more - but I can certainly get a lot more out
> of it.  So that old machine certainly cost me more to run than the new
> one in terms of performance for electricity used.  I certainly don't
> need a 2Ghz AMD64 with 4GB of RAM for use as a router.  Today.  In 5
> years from now, my desktop will be very likely be my router.

I use a 500 MHz PIII as a router, mailserver, and FM broadcaster--and
there's still way too much unused capacity.  So I also have iit enrolled in
the BOINC project.  Might as well do somone some good with those wasted


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