Classic Mac emulation (was Re: Microkernels (WAS RE: New to the list.))

Ray Arachelian ray at
Sat Aug 5 14:02:45 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> I've head of these, but haven't tried them yet, as I'm still running
> 10.3.9 on a G5, so can still run my software under classic.  Ideally
> I'd like a PPC emulator, even a 604e would work for me.
> I need something that supports networking, interfaces cleanly with the
> host OS's filesystem, and gives me a decent sized screen (1280x1024
> would do nicely).  Ideally PPC support, but just 68k support would let
> me run the most important stuff.
I think PearPC does PPC emulation.  It emulates a G3 or G4, but very
slowly.  see  and this link for an
article that tells you how to configure it:  
I'm not sure if it will run OS 9.x.   Basilisk will run upto OS 8.5 just
fine. (OS 9 is PPC only)

Basilisk II does have networking, and you can surf the web with ancient
Netscape Navigators.  At least, there's a network module for it on
Windows.  Not sure about under Mac OS X.

> Wow, I remember them well, I used the Demo 10+ years ago to write
> floppies on my P90 laptop running Windows and Linux (it could access
> the Internet, when I was in the US and had phone access) that could be
> read on my PowerBook 520c.  It was pretty cool.  IIRC, the demo was
> also where I got what was one of my favorite Mac OS X games :^) To bad
> they're not still a functioning business.
Yeah, but if they open source it, it has a better chance of survival, in
one form or another.  Executor's 68K core seems to be very fast, so it
could be useful to lots of other emulation projects.

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